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Conquering Duvet Mountain!

Thank you so much to all the volunteers who spent the day with us in the warehouse sorting clothes and making up winter clothing packs for refugee children. Today we got a huge amount done!

Becky and Sophie managed to conquer duvet mountain, sorting all of the usable blankets, duvets and sleeping bags into our huge clear bags and making lots of space!

Bashar and Mary worked through the stash of cuddly toys - adding sweets to each pack and bagging into bags of 100. We have 400 so far and many more to go!

The rest of the lovely volunteers plugged away at the huge mounds of kids clothing, sorting by age and type, then making up clothing packs.

We still have many more incomplete packs, but thanks to the generous donations of our supporters have funds to buy the missing items to fill them. And finally we have plenty of scarves!

There is still so much to do. The warehouse is open 10am - 6pm tomorrow (Friday) for the next round of sorting so if you are free come down and lend a hand!

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